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Global Brand Experience Leader & Author 

An international thought leader in Branding and Experience,

who champions collaboration and creativity, to bring people together to realise meaningful solutions that improve lives.

Ling is currently Global Director for Brand & Customer Experience at CO&AD, she helps businesses achieve sustainable success by strategically driving game-changing innovation with a human-centred approach through brand experience and design. 

As the head of a multidisciplinary human-centred team, she has contributed to a globally inclusive brand strategy and delivered major digital transformations across industries and countries for national public sector operations and global brands, including Deloitte, Deloitte DigitalHSBC, RBS Innovation, AIG Science Innovation, WPP, Just Eat Innovation, and The Very Group.
She is also the author of several verse novels and poetry books, written in three languages, including A Back Day (English), My Loves (Italian) and The Green Tuscan Hills (Chinese). 


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