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Rethink Seamless Experience With Tips

Updated: May 5, 2022

The contemporary challenge focuses on the audience's engagement now entails a complex combination of experience and personalisation, which has led to further complication by the conflicts between online and offline environments: siloed channels lead to frustrations. Such concerns have created by misinterpreting the role of branding and experience design. This post discusses essential steps with some tips and tools to create a great experience, that is emotionally connected with your customers.

Rethink Seamless Experience

To rethink how to create a seamless experience, four questions to consider before making an important decision in business. They are:

  1. What is your brand personality?

  2. Who are your customers?

  3. What are their expectations?

  4. How would they like to engage with your brand?


To answer the above four questions. You can start to engage your employees and target customers in one room to do role-playing games. This way helps you learn what a smooth experience meant for your customers. It is one of the co-creation techniques. It enhances your ability to better leverage design, brand strategies, and technologies by engaging your target customers in the initial learning process.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Re-design your brand strategy

  2. Define your target customers

  3. Invite them in a workshop

  4. Design themes and questions

  5. Set up role-play game

  6. Collect feedback

  7. Analyse data

  8. Share findings to your wide teams

  9. Take action

  10. Build, Measure and Iterate

Illustrations: © Unsplash

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